Some basic information you need to know about USDA Loans

These loans are specifically designed to provide support for the development of the rural areas. The USDA loans do boast off a number of attractive features which make them lucrative to certain homebuyers. Let us delve deeper into the basic concepts of USDA lenders and the loans they provide.

What exactly are USDA loans?

For those who are unaware of USDA Rural Development Loans, it is a mortgage which completely financed by the USDA (U.S. Department of Agriculture) to buyers of homes in less populated areas of the United States. The eligibility of the loan is determined by many aspects such as the income level, home location and many such requirements.

Till date, the USDA rural development loan is one of the finest maintained secrets of the home market. This home loan is sponsored by USDA with the sole intention of promoting homeownership in the areas of the U.S. which are less populated in terms of density. For this reason, most people term this loan as the USDA Rural Development loan. But the name does manage to fool many people who think that they provide properties that are removed far away from the civilized society. Going by the facts, a total of 97 percent of the total land mass in the U.S. passes the eligibility for being financed by the USDA which represents almost 109 million citizens amounting up to 33 percent of the total population of the U.S. If you check the property that is nearest to you, chances are high that it might qualify.

Things you need to know about the USDA loan

1. The USDA rural development loan isn’t just restricted to farmers

Contrary to the what most people think the USDA loan isn’t only just for farmers. Although, the terms USDA or rural might offset this thinking yet the fact is that the loan is also for residential properties and people intending to buy them. It is to be kept in mind that the home you intend to purchase must be located in a rural area as defined by the USDA. This means that suburban areas might also be included in many cases which might surprise a lot of home buyers and disinterest them.

2. USDA loans do not need any down payment

As mentioned above, the USDA loans do not require you to make any kind of down payment. They are entirely financed with respect to the purchase price. This is what makes it so economically beneficial.

Insurance of Mortgage is necessary, but you can afford it

The only con of USDA rural development loan is the requirement of PMI. PMIs can be responsible for adding hundreds of money to your payment. Moreover, USDA loans will require insurance of mortgage in order to maintain the operability of the program, 40 percent of the principal as annual fee, upfront payment of 2 percent during closing time.

USDA loans come with income limitations.

The ultimate motive behind the USDA loans is to make buying homes affordable to the rural families. For that reason, the annual income of your family must fall under the following limits in order to become eligible for the loans.

$74,750 for families having 1-4 members
$98,650 for families having 5-8 members.
Although income limits are adequately adjusted in areas where the average cost of living exceeds the national average value.

Property types covered by USDA loans

Manufactured homes
Existing homes
Newly constructed homes
Modular homes.
PUD (planned Unit developments)